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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Welcome to WAHM Bags

Banner made by Bordering Perfection:

WAHM Bags: Promoting small and work-at-home-mum businesses, and other creative people.

Welcome to the new and improved WAHM Bags website. WAHM Bags was first conceived of, in 2011, and has evolved so much since then. The idea behind WAHM Bags is to combine 2 of my passions (attending pop culture conventions and promoting WAHMs, small biz owners and other creative people). The bags have always been ethusiastically received and very appreciated by the recipients. The passion that I have for WAHM Bags is evident to anyone when they have asked that one question: “what are WAHM Bags?” and have been subjected to a lengthy spiel on the subject.

We have delivered over 121 giftbags since 2011; we continue to personally deliver the gift bags with the exception of Armageddon, Melbourne 2013 when WAHM Bags provided the official celeb gifts for the event. While I was happy that we were given that opportunity, it was also something of a learning experience.

Unfortunately, due to many personal hurdles, we haven’t grown quite the way that I would have hoped, but having said that, we are still here and that in itself, is amazing. The journey has been a very interesting one and we have met so many wonderful people. I have had the fortune to work with so many wonderful people, and to build a team of loyal helpers.

I am continually looking for ways to improve our bags, and I hope the new look website will be the first of many positive changes for WAHM Bags. Please don’t forget to book mark the site and come back often as I will continually be adding something new to the site. In the meantime please have a peek at part of our journey with the video made for WAHM Bags by You Beautie News:


Thank you for your support.